Free Traffic Tips Downloads

Free Traffic Tips Downloads

A Guide to Our Free Traffic Tips Member Downloads Section

Our free traffic tips downloads come in three categories.

The public downloads are available for a limited time on other parts of the web. They are archived here for free use forever.

Our private downloads or newsletter freebies are only available to newsletter subscribers. These do not include the bonus items that are available to you when you purchase products– these will be free forever. Simply enter your email to access the freebies. When we update the library, you can use the same email to access your downloads. We don’t put you on a new list, you’ll simply be able to download as you please.

The third category contains our archived newsletter freebies. I often create videos, downloads, HOWTOs, checklists, workbooks and free products for subscribers, but over time it may be inefficient to keep them updated with every single new link change or most recent statistics.

I used to think it was useless to continue to provide access to these items, but when I took them off the servers, many of our current subscribers wrote to ask where they were. So these archived items will be provided here, and you can access them forever as long as you are a subscriber.

If you’re already a subscriber, simply enter your email address for verification and the downloads will appear.

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Welcome to the Family!

Here at Free Traffic Tips, we have one mission – to help businesses get more customers and clients through leveraging the power of the web.

We specialize in small businesses that were created offline and are adding web properties, rather than internet marketers, though our tips work for everyone from the online mirco-entrepreneur whose business is fully online, to the growing corporation that has no previous web experience. I often work with large companies as well – in the past I’ve done projects with PR agencies,, Network Solutions and Cision. You can read more about me here.

We offer the following free gifts to give you an idea of how we’re able to provide our premium products and services at such low prices, and also give away over 1100 pages of free information that you would pay for elsewhere.

Enjoy Your Gifts!


Tinu Abayomi-Paul and the rest of the Free Traffic Tips Gang

For general questions, please send us an email at


Public Downloads

Our public downloads are available for a limited time in other parts of the web but will be free to subscribers forever. We keep an archive of them in every format.

Download 20 Ways to Rock the Social Web .

 Download How to Find Your People on Twitter  .

Download 5 Ways to Create Compelling Content

Download How to Leverage Audio for Faster Content Marketing

Newsletter Freebies

There are currently 6 newsletter freebies in this section.

To access newsletter freebies, you must be subscribed to the newsletter. Feel free to share this page, but please don’t share the individual downloads after this section. Most of the links to access them are hidden, even if they appear in public sites like YouTube or Slideshare.

There are no download items matching this category criteria.

Archived Freebies

These freebies may contain a broken link here and there, or an outdated statistic but our current subscribers caused a ruckus when they were deleted. Download them for free and find out if these are for you. Most of these have been integrated into some of our products.

Download Social Media Help From The Top Social Media Sites .


 Watch Facebook Privacy and Settings .


Download 5 Ways to Create Compelling Content – the version with discussion notes .

Download the Union of Search and Social.

Download the best of Free Traffic Tips Traffic Methods

218 pages of step by step tutorials, how-tos, and articles on how to get free traffic from the archives of this site. 
Questions? Just click on the link in the PDF to go to the blog post that corresponds to the article and leave your question there. I’ll get an email that you left me a message, and unless it’s a holiday, I’ll answer it within one business day.
You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open the file, which works on any computer system, and comes pre-installed on most. If you don’t have the file installed, you can download it at .
To download PDFs: Right-Click -or two finger click if you have a Mac- and Save the File to Your Computer. Double-clicking on the file should open it up in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or you can use the File, Open option from the Adobe Acrobat Reader menu. You can also click the link directly which should launch the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or in your web browser using the Adobe Reader plug-in. Remember to Save the File before you close if if you decide to download it that way.

Download Your Free Flash Video About Google Site Information

(Right-Click and Save the File to Your Computer. Then unzip the file and open the .html file to view the video. Double-clicking on the file should open it up in your browser, or you can use the File, Open option from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.)


View It Online Here part one| part two. [opens in new window]

The video is available on YouTube, which all mobile devices can access.

If you download the file, you can use Maczipit at or Winzip at depending on your computer system. With either program you can use the free, unregistered version to open files.

Watch a free video about a simple way to get more visitors on Facebook to come to your site.

You’ll need to have the Free Macromedia Flash Player Installed to View the Video. If you have an updated browser or a Windows or Macintosh computer built within the last few years, you probably have Flash installed. 

Download Your Free Copy of The Traffic Trifecta? in mp3 Format. [5.52 mb, 23 minutes]

Download Your Free Copy of Why Social Media? in PDF Format. 

Download Your Free Excerpt from Simple Social Media Strategies 





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