Sign Up For Our Digital Marketing Challenges

Sign Up For Our Digital Marketing Challenges

Do you ever find yourself wondering if this marketing method or another works?

Feedback checklist

We’re told all the time that social media works or video drives sales- but are we just supposed to take an expert’s word for it?

Or perhaps you’re convinced that some things work for some businesses, but you’re not so sure if it’ll make a difference for YOUR business?

What if you could test a method for a few weeks to see if it helps your bottom line before you fully commit to integrating it into your marketing?

Every quarter at Free Traffic Tips, we’ll be announcing one of our free public digital marketing challenges in our newsletter. Along with a group of your peers, you’ll test a digital marketing method on your website.

I’ll write a series of instructions, resource lists and articles that show you the basic steps for starting or expanding your success, and as a group we’ll take the idea, theory or method far enough to see if it works.

You’ll conduct the test on your site and reply to the posts with your results.

In the each post, I link to those who have completed the most recent steps, and make comments about your progress.

It’s basically a free, micro-version of our group consultations, and workshops that takes place fully online.

Our most recent tests were on video marketing, using LinkedIn, and creating infographics.

On January 2, 2015, sign up starts for our Digital Marketing Synergy challenge. We’re opening a special website to debut the challenge.

If you

  • don’t get how you can email leads come from social
  • if your content marketing efforts seem to be ignored
  • you’ve tried social media tactics but don’t quite get the hang of it
  • see that digital marketing has potential but have had limited success
  • think what you’re doing is great but know you could do even better,

Then this challenge is for you.

To sign up, you need to do three things.

1- Reply to the blog post about the sign up.

(When there isn’t a blog post yet, you can always sign up to the newsletter to find out when the next one is. Send any blank email to to do so now.)

2- Follow the setup instructions when class starts (you’ll find them in the free course when you log in).

3- [Optional] Sign up to the new Current Marketing Challenges Tribe on Triberr. This allows the group to prioritize sharing your posts in social media.

This will help your peers publicize any of your blog posts that they like during the challenge and I will as well, during or after the challenge if you decide to stay connected.

These folks also have priority linking in the public updates about how the test is going.

That’s it! Happy Testing!
Image credit: Creative Commons License AJ Cann 

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